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28 octobre 2009

Evaluation Criteria for Education Blogs

Education Blog Evaluation WorkSheet
Evaluation Criteria for Education Blogs
FLENET ProjetBlogs and Education
Universiy  of León – 2009

Blog title:
Author / education institution
Date of creation / updating
Aims and competences Low Medium High
1. Level of the class or level of the students - - -
2. Competences to be developed by students - - -
3. Aims  (web, class projet, collaboration, exchanges)     -      -     -
Resources and tasks
1. Documentation, materials and resources - - -
2. Suggested pedagogical tasks - - -
Exchanges and results
1. Pedagogical interest for other students and teachers     -      -    -
2. Tasks carried out by students     -      -    -
3. Exchanges between teacher and students (Comments)      -      -    -
Formal aspects
1. Navigation, presentation and organisation - - -
2. Audio/vidéo players, widgets, RSS feed, advertising, etc.     -      -    -

Complementary references:

Bibliography Blogs Education – FLENET Projet (2003-2010) http://flenet.rediris.es/blog/carnetweb.html#biblio

Critical evaluation of a blog (2006-09) – Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schrockguide/pdf/evalblog.pdf

Evaluating Weblogs: Handout (2008)  New Technologies: LIS Weblogs Created by Michael Stephens

Education Weblogs Evaluation Form – Checklist
Grille d’analyse weblogs éducatifs
Evaluación Weblogs Educativos

Educational Social Networks Evaluation Form - Checklist
Grille d'analyse des réseaux sociaux éducatifs
Evaluación redes sociales educativas

University of Leon – FLENET Projet

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